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Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon-1

Caius the Shadow Monarch-1

Mobius the Frost Monarch-3

Cyber Dragon-1

Vampire Lord-1

Patrician of Darkness-1

Paladin of the Cursed Dragon-1

Zombie Master-2

Getsu Fuhma-1

Pyramid Turtle-3

Mystic Tomato-1

Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower-2

Spirit Reaper-1

Road Synchron-1

Junk Synchron-2

Turbo Synchron-1



Zombie World-2

Book of Life-3

Lightning Vortex-2

Pot of Avarice-2

Tribute to the Doomed-1

Bait Doll-1


Call of the Haunted-1

Radiant Mirror Force-1


Threatining Roar-2

Sakuretsu Armor-2

Dark Bribe-1

Tutan Mask-2

Dust Tornado-2



Mist Wurm-1

Ancient Fairy Dragon-1

Black Rose Dragon-1

Flamvell Uruquizas-1

Turbo Warrior-1

Road Warrior-1

Junk Warrior-2

Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth-1

X-Saber Urbellum-1

Opinion: This deck sucks and is tooooo slow you should add 2 malious and 2 deep sea divas.

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