My insperation for making this deck is that I looked at Yami Yugi's WC 2004 deck.I liked it,but I thought it could be improved


  • Dark Magician (x2)
  • Red Dark Magician
  • Gemini Elf (x3)
  • Summoned Skull (x3)
  • Alpha The Magnet Warrior
  • Beta The Magnet Warrior
  • Gamma The Magnet Warrior
  • Dark Magician Girl (x2)
  • Obnoxious Celtic Guardian (x2)
  • Slate Warrior (x3)
  • Kuriboh
  • Beast of Gilfer
  • Valkyrion The Magna Warrior

Magic/Spell CardsEdit

  • Axe of Despair
  • Black Pendant (x3)
  • Change of Heart (x2)
  • Harpie's Feather Duster (x2)
  • Raigeki
  • Mage Power
  • United We Stand
  • Swords of Revealing Light
  • Monster Reborn

Trap CardsEdit

  • Trap Hole
  • Torrential Tribute (x2)
  • Mirror Force
  • Magic Cylinder

This is a very fun deck to make and to duel with.If you build this deck. I'm half though making this deck :)

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