Playing Style-StrategyEdit

This deck is played with most of Watt tuners and resonators. The reason is that resonators protect tuners, while watts progress in attacking your opponent directly making this OTK deck. Now some of you may be asking your self how, but the answer is simple with 3 wattkeys which make that possible.



3x Wattfox

3x Wattwiki

3x Wattdragonfly

2x Wattwoodpecker

3x Wattpheasant

2x WattGiraffe

3x Force Resonator

3x Barrier Resonator

3x Clock Resonator

Spells and Traps

3x Wattcastle

3x Wattkey

1x Resonator Engine

1x Resonator call

1x Red Carpet

1x Mirror Force

1x call of the haunted

2x Magic Cilinder

2x Terraforming

1x Torrential Tribute

1x Solem warning

3x Lightning Vortex

2x MST

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