Well, this is my deck. I have no idea what sort of deck type it is, because I've used so many different combos and stuff in it. I guess you could either call it a Fiend deck or a Destiny Board deck, but... I don't know. And yes, I've realized that my deck is ridiculously large. However, every card I have goes miraculously well with all the others cards, and I feel I am in no need of taking cards out.

Cards I Use In This DeckEdit


  • Dark Necrofear x2
  • Great Maju Garzett
  • Helpoemer x2
  • Dark Ruler Ha Des x2
  • Marshmallon
  • D.D. Warrior Lady
  • The Masked Beast
  • Mask of Darkness
  • Magician of Faith
  • Earthbound Spirit x2
  • Summoned Skull
  • Sangan
  • Newdoria
  • Power Invader
  • Protector of the Sanctuary
  • Invader of the Throne
  • Cyber Jar
  • Fiber Jar
  • Wall of Illusion
  • Night Assailant
  • The Wicked Avatar

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