Monsters -

Iron Chain Coilx3

Iron Chain Snakex3

Iron Chain Repairmanx3

Iron Chain Blasterx3

Needle Wormx3

Chainsaw insectx3

Man Eater Bugx2

Warm Wormx3

Mask Of Darknessx1


Penguin Soldierx174.67.88.210 23:35, February 3, 2011 (UTC)

Morphing Jarx1


Drastic Drop Offx1

Cemetary Bombx3

Simultaneous Lossx3

Trap stunx1

Sakuretsu Amrorx2

Threatening Roarx1

Call of the hauntedx1

Seven Tools of The Banditx1


Poison Chainx3

Level Limit-Area Bx1

Shield Crushx1

Giant Trunade X1

Lighting Vortexx1

Pot of Benevolencex1

Mystical Space Typhoonx1


Burden Of the Mightyx1

Enemy Controllerx1

Extra Deck-

Iron Chain Dragonx3

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