elemental hero avian

elemental hero burstinatrix

elemental hero clayman

elemental hero sparkman

archfiend of gilfer x2

caius the shadow monarch x2

dark ruler ha des x2

destiny hero dasher

destiny hero defender x2

destiny hero double dude x2

destiny hero fear monger x2

elemental hero bladedge

elemental hero bubbleman

elemental hero necroshade

elemental hero ocean x2

elemental hero stratos

elemental hero wildman

evil hero infernal gainer x2

evil hero infernal prodigy x2

evil hero malicious edge x2

hero kid x3


dark fusion x3

e emergency call

fake hero

fifth hope

h heated heart

hero flash

hero mask

heroes bond

o oversoul

r righteous justice


hero barrier

hero blast

hero counteratack

hero ring

hero signal

mirror gate

This is the ingredients to the greatest "hero" deck ever. I have never lost a duel with this deck, no lie. You dont really have to go strictly by this, feel free to tinker with it, I just put down the cards in the deck I used. "Malicious Edge" and " The Shadow Monarch" are my trump cards every time, because I only recently added " Dark Fusion". Whoops! : p

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