You see if you want to make a deck who's soul purpose is destroy everything in it's path then make this one I just made up. Monsters

  • Blue-Eyes White Dragon x3
  • Green Baboon, Defender Of The Forest
  • Gravekepper's Spy x2
  • Luster Dragon
  • Harpie Girl
  • Newdoria
  • Getsu Fuhma
  • Familiar-Possessed - Wynn
  • Guardian Sphinx
  • Spirit Of The Harp
  • Dark Jeroid
  • Swift Gaia The Fierce Knight
  • Magician of Faith
  • Kaiser Sea Horse
  • Goblin Attack Force
  • Angel 07
  • Magicat
  • Ancient Crimson Ape
  • Earthbound Spirit
  • Dark Magician Girl
  • Gemini Elf
  • Parasite Paracide


  • Spirit Message " I"
  • Spirit Message " N"
  • Spirit Message "A"
  • Spirit Message "L"
  • A Legendary Ocean
  • Emergency Provisions
  • Mystik Wok
  • Lighting Blade
  • Stray Lambs


  • Destiny Board
  • Royal Decree
  • Ultimate Offering
  • Dust Tornado
  • Tornado Wall
  • Dark Spirit Of The Silent
  • Bottomless Trap Hole

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