hello. today, i want to introduce the new deck: C.D.Z . What is the C.D.Z? It's "Chaos Destiny Zombie". i built the deck by combining the monster of Zombie-type with Destiny HERO, and support a chaos monster :Chaos sorcerer,with some monster such as Effect Veiler,kuriboh,...Finally, i have finished the deck with some support DARK card :) Dark armed, dark nepthyms... Now, this is the deck:

Monster:29 Zombie master x2 golbin zombie x2 pyramid turtle x3 varmpire lord x2 varmpire geneis x2 Plaguespreader Zombie x1 Despair from the Dark x1 Red Ogre x1 Pain Painter x3 Paladin of The Cursed Dragon x2 Kasha x1 effect veiler x2 chaos sorcerer x1 dark armed dragon x1 dark nepthyms x1 kuriboh x1 destiny HERO Defender x1 destiny HERO plasma x1 destiny HERO dogma x1

Spell:12 Zombie world x3 book of life x1 monster reborn x1 owner's seal x1 heavy storm x1 call of the mummy x2 destiny draw x1 foolish burial x1 polymeziration x1

trap:8 solemn jugment x1 dark bride x3 trap stun x1 negate attack x1 bottomless trap hole x1 shift x1

Extra deck: Archfiend Zombie-Skull x1 destiny end dragon x1 Revived King Ha Des x1 red dragon archfiend x1

Total: Main deck: 49 Side deck: 0 Extra deck: 4

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