This simple deck uses rare cards to their fullest extent. I have loads of yugioh cards but this is my fifth favourite deck. It is fairly balanced with a couple of chucked in extras P.S This is my first post so if isn't too good ,give me a break.

It contains:

Normal MonstersEdit

Sorcerer of the Doomed

Neo Aqua Madoor

Dark Rabbit

Moon Envoy === ===

Syncro MonstersEdit

Junk Destroyer

Junk Warrior

Road Warrior

Spell CardsEdit

Card Destruction


Premature Burial Time Passage

Dark Hole


Reinforcement of the Army

The Warrior Returning alive

Charge of the Light Brigade




Fortune's Future


Kunai with Chain
Bending Destiny

Call of the Haunted,ascended black horn only in version 1 if you have it

Total:50 Cards (not including syncro monsters)

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