Teleport Dark Armed Dragon (often abbreviated Tele-DAD) decks use Emergency Teleport (abbreviated as
Dark Armed Dragon
E-Teleport or E-Tele) to quickly Special Summon Psychic-Type Tuner Monsters, usually Krebons. The Tuner Monsters are then used with cards like Destiny Hero - Malicious to Synchro Summon Synchro Monsters, while at the same time putting DARK monsters in the Graveyard to Special Summon Dark Armed Dragon. Dark Armed Dragon is then used to clear the opponent's field and attack for game. If done correctly, this can occur as fast as one to three turns.

Before the March 2009 Lists, this was the top deck of the Shonen Jump Circuit.

TeleDAD has taken a serious hit with the March 2009 Lists. Many cards necessary for the Deck have been restricted, making this Deck fun for casual. Tele-DAD is for the most part dead since it lost all its major cards with the current ban list. Such cards that have been limited include; Emergency Teleport and the card for which this deck revolves around, Dark Armed Dragon.

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