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Starter Deck: Yugi Evolution is the update to the original Starter Deck: Yugi. It was released alongside Starter Deck: Kaiba Evolution. It features many of the cards that Yugi Muto used in the third story arc of the anime, Battle City like Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts and Remove Trap, and also loses some of the cards that were used in the Duelist Kingdom season e.g. Witty Phantom and Curse of Dragon, although a few original cards remains such as Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1 and Feral Imp. Yu-Gi-Oh! fans were also treated to the first release of the mighty Black Luster Soldier Ritual Monster Card and his corresponding Ritual Spell Card, Black Luster Ritual. This card is the main cover card for this Deck.

Set Specifications

OCG Set Card Ratios

OCG Set Card Galleries
1st Edition

Unlimited Edition

OCG Set Card Lists

File:USA.png File:CAN.png File:UKM.png File:EUR.png

TCG Set Card Ratios

TCG Set Card Galleries
1st Edition
English - French - German - Italian - Portuguese - Spanish

Unlimited Edition
English - French - German - Italian - Portuguese - Spanish

TCG Set Card Lists
Worldwide English - French - German - Italian - Portuguese - Spanish

Spoiler Card List

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