hey there is an old fusion monster known as St. joan a 2800 ATK monster with 2000 def light attribute fair

y monster it has no effect but there is alot of good combos with this dec almost unlimited its a pretty straight foward deck mainly based on pulling out st. joan or gaurdian angel joan !


there are a few weaknesses to this but its pretty easy to get around one weakness is fusion killers like non fusion area anti fusion device this isnt a major problem because not many people see any use for that card mainly because well more people like synchros so this isnt a big deal so if people start running cards like royal decree or trap stun are probably a good choice. other than that therearent many other weaknesses that any other deck doesn't have.

deck list


X3 marie the fallen one

X3 forgiving maiden

X3 gaurdian angel joan

X2 chaos sorcerer

x2 necro gardna

x3 king of the swamp

x1 sangan

x3 caius the dark monarch

X3 honest

spells (13)

X3 polymerization

X3 fusion sage

X3 samshing ground

X1 future fusion

X1 pot of avirice

X1 swords of revealing light

traps (7)

x1 bottomless trap hole

x3 royal decree

x2 magic cylender

x1 mirror force


x3 St.joan

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