total: 55 cards

Wicked deadroot X 1 Wicked Eraser X 1

Malefic Stardust dragon X 1

Stardust dragon X 1

mystic plasma zone X1

The wicked avatar X 1

Theinen the great sphinx X 1

Sphinx Teleia X 1

Andro Sphinx X 1

Pyramid of light X 1

mystical space Typhoon X 1

soul exchange X 1

darkness Neosphere X 1

winged minion X 2

Magic jammer X 1

Waboku X 1

Crimson fire X 1

Card destruction X 1

Demensinol prison X 1

Compulsory Evacuation device X 1

Black luster Ritual X 1

Black luster Soldier X 1

Gorz the emmissary of darkness X 1

Blue eyes white dragon X 2

Kaiser sea horse X 1

Red-eyes B. dragon X 1

Skilled dark magician X 1

Neo Aqua Madoor X 1

Earthbound immortal Chacu Challhua X 1

Umi X 1

Mountain X 1

Earthbound immortal Aslla Piscu X 1

Dark Magician X 3

Magican's Valkyria X 1

dark magican girl X 1

Meteor of destruction X 1

Fissure X 1

Rush recklesly X 2

Dharc the dark charmer X 1

Hiita the Fire charmer X 1

Wynn the wind charmer X 1

Night wing sorceress X 1

Labyrinth wall X 1

Black pendent X 1

Yami X 1

Aussa the Earth charmer X 1

Familier-Possessed - Eria X 1

Familiar-Possessed - Wynn X 1

Familiar-Possessed - Aussa X 1

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