It was origianally Spellcaster's Command Deck. This deck is in Traditional Format. I Don't really Know what kind of deck it is but I am going to make it an OTK deck.


  • Relinquishedx2
  • Endymion, The Master Magician
  • Magical Marionette
  • Gambler Of Legend
  • Dark Red Enchanter
  • Memory Crusher
  • Magician Of Black Chaos
  • Raviel, Lord Of Phantasms
  • Disenchanter
  • Djinn Presider Of Rituals
  • Dark Magician
  • Skilled Dark Magician
  • Dark Eyes Illusionist
  • Magical Exemplar
  • Defender, The Magical Knight
  • Breaker The Magical Warrior
  • Mythical Beast Cerberus
  • Kuriboh
  • Hannibal Necromancer
  • Apprentice Magician
  • Royal Magical Library


  • Book Of Moon
  • Black Illusion Ritualx2
  • Terraforming
  • Twister
  • Field Barrier
  • Yami
  • Magical Blast
  • Fissure
  • Contract With The Abyss
  • Magicians Unite
  • Swords Of Revealing Light
  • Mist Body
  • Magical Citadel Of Endymion
  • Monster Reborn
  • Magical Dimension
  • Change Of Heart


  • Gozen Match
  • Pitch-Black Power Stone
  • Magician's Circle
  • Ominous Fortunetelling
  • By Order Of The Emperor
  • Call Of The Haunted
  • Magic Cylinder
  • Just Desserts
  • Curse of Royal

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