This is just a deck i play with and it's all the card i have.

Monster: 21

Sorcerer of dark magic

Endymion, the master magician

Dark magician

Chaos command magician

Chaos sorcerer

Dark red enchanter

Breaker the magical warior x2

Skilled dark magician x2

Magical exemplar

Magician's valkyria

Defender, the magical knight

Apprentice magician x2

Summoner monk

Crystal seer

Old vindictive magician

Magician of faith


winged kuriboh


Magical citadel of endymion

Magical dimension x2

Diffusion wave-motion

mage power

smashing ground

mystical space typhoon

book of moon

change of heart

shield crush

sword of revealing light

monster reborn

pot of greed

monster reincarnation

lightning vortex

black pendant

heavy storm

nobleman of crossout


magician's circle

magic cylinder

magic jammer

royal decree

spell shield type-8

trap jammer

damage condenser

interdimensional matter transported

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