Hi,this is my Skill Drain deck.This deck strategy is summon monsters like"Armor Exe","Dark Elf" and "Fusilier Dragon,the dual-mode beast".

2x Chainsaw Insect
1x Newdoria(Newdoria´s effect funcion with Skill Drain on the field) 
1x Armor Exe
3x Dark Elf
3x Fusilier Dragon the dual-mode beast
1x Mask of Darkness
2x Goblin Attack Force
2x Goblin Elite Attack Force
3x Zombyra the Dark
2x Jirai Gumo (optional)
1xMillenium Scorpion (optional) 


1x Lighthing Vortex
1x Dark Hole
1x Monster Reborn
1x Temple of Kings
2x Magical Mallet(to get Skill Drain faster)
1xMystical Space Typhoon
1x Scapegoat


2x Skill Drain

1x Gift of the Mystical Elf(to gain Life Points in order to trade with the cost of Skill Drain)

1xMetal Reflect Slime

2x Ultimate Offering

1x Dust Tornado

1x Drop Off

Note: Because Temple of Kings is Forbidden, replace it with the Gravekeeper´s Servant to destroy your opponent´s deck every turn he\she attacks

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