Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon of Ass: Worst card ever! (In My opinion) Screenshot from "Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid Of Darkness

The Sinful Dragons Deck focuses on summoning the "Malefic" archetypes. This deck is nearly similar to Paradox's deck, and you'll find out why it's nearly similar.

Reccommended cards for this deck.

Monsters x99

Normal x 100000

Blue-Eyes White Dragon the master of the YOLO x99

Koumori Dragon x3

Luster Dragon x2

Red-Eyes Black Dragon x2

Effect x19

Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon x1

Decoy Dragon x1

Malefic Blue-Eyes White Dragon the master of TROLL now lol x99

Malefic Cyber End Dragon x1

Malfic Parallel Gear x3

Malefic Rainbow Dragon the master of OPness V2 x 99

Malefic Red-Eyes Black Dragon x2

Malefic Truth Dragon x1

Masked Dragon x3

Rainbow Dragon the master of OPness x99

Red-Eyes Black Chick x1

Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon the master of SWAG x99

Twin-Headed Behemoth x1

Spells x14

A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon x1

Card Trader x1

Field Barrier x1

Fusion Sage x1

Malefic Wolrld x2

Polymerization x1

Reload x3

Stamping Destruction x3

Terraforming x1

Traps x17

Birthright x1

Call of the Haunted x1

Dragon's Rage x2

Magic Cylinder x1

Malefic Claw Stream x2

Return from the Different Dimension x1

Secret Barrel x2

The Dragon's Bead x1

Trap Hole x3

Ultimate Offering x1

Waboku x2

Extra Deck x100000000000

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon ASDF and Course MASTER

Cyber End Dragon x9999999999

Malefic Paradox Dragon x0? lol

As you can see, this deck is totaly inconsistent lol iam an idiot huhu.

Tips on how to make this deck work

Tip #1 I got 3 tips

Tip #2 Never be coll

Tip #3 Fuck the Ass off

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