Shadow Dragons

The 3 main Cards in the deck.

SHADOW DRAGON ARMY== This deck is an all Dark attribute deck and revolves around mulitple combos for the 3 Dragon-types and the other dark monsters. Now many people know that there are many Dark attribute decks out there but most of the ones i see are high level monster decks with cards like, Dark Creator, Dark Nephthys, and Dark Horus. This deck revolves around 3 Dark attribute Dragon-type monsters: Dark Armed Dragon; Diabolos, King of the Abyss; and Van'Dalgyon, the Dark Dragon Lord. I made this deck from scratch when i originally made it by randomly putting cards together on my Yugioh World Championship 2010 game and found out it's a very powerful deck.

Here is the deck list:


2x Archfiend of Gilfer 2x Battle Fader 1x Blowback Dragon 1x Dark Armed Dragon 3x Dark Crusader 1x Diabolos, King of the Abyss 2xDouble Coston 2x Spear Cretin 2x Van'Dalgyon the Dark Dragon Lord 2x Wall of Illusion 1x White-Horned Dragon


1x Field Barrier 2x Fires of Doomsday 2x Mystic Plasma Zone 2x Terraforming


2x Dark Bribe 2x Dark Illusion 3x Dimensional Prison 2x Hidden Soldiers 3x Sakuretsu Armor 1x Scrap-Iron Scarecrow 2x Zoma the Spirit

If you like please leave your rating of the deck and any comments you may have they are greatly appreciated.

Raggie8887: This deck sucks my dino deck (Power of the Past) could stomp the crap out it.

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