1. Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon-1
  2. Caius the Shadow Monarch-1
  3. Mobius the Frost Monarch-3
  4. Cyber Dragon-1
  5. Vampire Lord-1
  6. Patrician of Darkness-1
  7. Malevolent Mech- Goku En-1
  8. Paladin of the Cursed Dragon-1
  9. Zombie Master-2
  10. Regenerating Mummy-1
  11. Pyramid Turtle-3
  12. Evocator Chevalier-2
  13. Royal Keeper-1
  14. Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower-2
  15. Spirit Reaper-1
  16. Getsu Fuhma-1


  1. Zombie World-1
  2. Tribute to the Doomed-1
  3. Lightning Vortex-2
  4. Book of Life-3
  5. Pot of Avarice-2
  6. Field Barrier-1
  7. Mystical Space Typhoon-1
  8. Bait Doll-1
  9. Supervise-1
  10. Burden of the Mighty-2
  11. Double Summon-1
  12. Terraforming-1


  1. Call of the Haunted-1
  2. Magic Cylinder-1
  3. Tutan Mask-1
  4. Dust Tornado-1
  5. Compulsary Evacuation Device-1
  6. Threatening Roar-1
  7. Waboku-3
  8. Thunder of Ruler-1

Description will be up later.

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