this deck focuses on increasing your LP to make "Neo-Parshath, The Sky Paladin" more powerful.


  • dunames dark witch
    I wouldnt wanna be ya

    Now you believe me?

  • airknight parshath
  • honest
  • hyper synchron
  • kaiser seahore
  • marshmallon
  • meltiel, sage of the sky
  • neo-parshath, the sky paladin
  • nova summoner
  • radiant jeral
  • psychic commander
  • psychic snail x2
  • harvest, angel of wisdom
  • krebons
  • doctor cranium
  • overdrive teleporter
  • armored axon kicker
  • lifeforce harmonizer
  • royal knight


  • magical mallet
  • cestus of dagla x2
  • heavy storm
  • lightning vortex
  • mystical space typhoon
  • sanctuary in the sky x2
  • terraforming


  • black horn of heaven
  • bottomless trap hole
  • dust tornado
  • mirror force
  • negate attack x2
  • widespread ruin
  • seven tools of the bandit
  • call of the haunted
  • DNA surgery


  • avenging knight parshath
  • stardust dragon
  • red dragon archfiend
  • ancient fairy dragon
  • black rose dragon
  • black-winged dragon
  • hyper psychic blaster
  • thought ruler archfiend
  • magical android
  • psychic lifetrancer
  • trishula, dragon of the ice barrier
  • goyo guadian
  • ally of justice catastor
  • armory arm

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