There are many "Princess" decks to run. Based on the archetype, Serpentine Princess, Insect Princess or even Fire Princess.

Fire Princess DeckEdit

The point of this deck is to burn away your opponent's life points by Fire Princess.

Recommended Cards:


Cure Mermaid Cyber Tutu (for direct attack spam)

Dancing Fairy

Ebon Magician Curran

Fire Princess

Injection Fairy Lily (You'll have enough Life Points with Pikeru)


Nimble Momonga White Magician Pikeru


Guardian of Order

Destiny Hero- Dasher

Splendid Venus


Level Limit- Area B

Swords of Revealing Light

Messenger of Peace



Dark Bribe

Gravity Bind

Life Absorbing Machine

Mirror Force

Negate Attack

Solemn Judgement

Solemn Wishes

The Spell Absorbing Life

Wall of Revealing Light

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