Here is a REALLY CRAPPY old school/fusion deck.


  • Queen's Knight x2
  • King's Knight x2
  • Jack's Knight
  • Dark Magician
  • Black Luster Soldier
  • Blue-Eyes White Dragon x2
  • Buster Blader
  • Summoned Skull
  • Thunder Dragon x2
  • Mirage Knight
  • Beastking of the Swamps x2
  • Cyber-Stein
  • Elemental HERO Prisma
  • Goddess with the Third Eye x2
  • Magical Scientist
  • Summoner of Illusions
  • Sangan x2


  • Branch!
  • Centrifugal Field
  • Dragon's Mirror x2
  • Polymerization x2
  • Revoke Fusion
  • Monster Reincarnation x2
  • Re-Fusion
  • Fusion Weapon
  • Mystical Space Typoon


  • Mirror Force
  • Paradox Fusion
  • Ultimate Offering
  • Trap Hole
  • Drop Off

Fusion Deck

  • Flame Swordsman x3
  • Dark Paladin
  • Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
  • Dark Flare Knight
  • Arcana Knight Joker
  • B. Skull Dragon
  • Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon
  • Dragon Master Knight

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