My Yugioh DeckEdit

[7 - Synchro Monsters] [11 - Normal Monsters] [13 - Effect Monsters] [11 - Spell cards] [7 - Trap Cards]

Normal MonstersEdit

Axe Raider

The Earl of Demise/Ghost Earl

Water Spirit

Tune Warrior

Genex Controller

Luster Dragon/Sapphire Dragon

Charcoal Inpachi

Warrior Dai Grepher

Mysticl Elf

Dark Blade

Dark Magician

Effect MonstersEdit

White Magician Pikeru

Ebon Magician Curran

Junk Synchron

Magna Drago/Maguna Dorago


Mist Valley Shaman

Shield Warrior


The Calculator

Marauding Captain

Dark Bug

Uni-Horned Familiar

Speed Warrior

Spell CardsEdit

Pot of Greed

Premature Burial/Early Burial

Synchro Boost

Monster Reborn/Raise Dead

Magical Mallet/Mallet of Luck

Mystical Space Typhoon/Cyclone

Big Bang Shoot

Heavy Storm/Tempest

Monster Reincarnation/Reincarnation of the Dead

Double Summon

Natural Tune

Trap CardsEdit

Seven Tools of the Bandit

Call of The Haunted/Cry of the Living Dead

Light of Intervention/Sacred Life Shine

Scrap-Iron Scarecrow

Sakuretsu Armor

Magic Cylinder

Divine Wrath/Wrath of God

Synchro MonstersEdit

Red Nova Dragon/Scar-Red Nova Dragon

Red Dragon Archfiend/Red Demon's Dragon

Black-Winged Dragon/Blackfeather Dragon

Dark End Dragon

Junk Warrior

Gaia Knight, The Force of Earth

Colossal Fighter/Gigantech Fighter

If anyone would have any ideas email me at

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