Mirage Dragon


Yomi Ship x2

Evil Hero Malicious Edge

Penguin Soldier

Road Synchron

Turbo Synchron

Snowman Eater

Dark Simorgh

Shiny Black "C"


Fortress Warrior

Mask Of Darkness

Nitro Synchron

Exiled Force


Junk Synchron

D.D. Warrior Lady

Night Assailant


Karma Cut x2

Divine Wrath x 2

Starlight Road

Bottomless Trap Hole

Black Horn of Heaven


Seven Tools of the Bandit

Dimensional Prison


Swords of Revealing Light

Lightning Vortex

Mystical Space Typhoon

Enemy Controller

Brain Control

Card Trader

Heavy Storm

Shield Crush

Book of Moon

Pot of Avarice

Extra DeckEdit

Red Dragon Archfiend

Stardust Dragon

Black Rose Dragon

Nitro Warrior

Power Tool Dragon

Turbo Warrior

Goyo Guardian

Flamvell Uruquizas

Junk Warrior x2

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