here's the contents of my deck:


Red-Eyes Black Dragon x 3

Axe Dragonute x 2

Alexandrite Dragon x 2

Dragonic Knight x 2

Masked Dragon x 2

Lord of D. x 2

Blue-Eyes White Dragon x 2

Mirage Dragon x 2

Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon x 1

Reflect Bounder x 1

Lightpulsar Dragon x 1

Darkflare Dragon x 1

Dark Armed Dragon x 1

Divine Dragon Apocralyph x 1

Stardust Xialong x 1

Spear Dragon x 1


Stamping Destruction x 2

Dragon's Gunfire x 2

Mystical Srace Typhoon x 1

Reload x 1

Terraforming x 1

Book of Moon x 1

Allure of Darkness x 1

Pot of Duality x 1

Card Trader x 1

Dragon Ravine x 1

Future Visions x 1

Foolish Burial x 1

Card Destruction x 1

D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation x 1


Dragon's Rebirth x 2

Mirror Force x 1

Dragon's Rage x 1

Call of The Haunted x 1

Bottomless Trap Hole x 1

Windstorm of Etaqua x 1

Magic Cylinder x 1

Dimensional Prison x 1

Compulsory Evacuation Device x 1

Waboko x 1

Extra deck:

Number 39: Utopia

That's it. Pathetic, Right? anyway, my deck needs help. also, I screwed up the page, I think. If there's no comment box, just add sugestions below here.

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