I have a synchro deck thats still in progress(with the synchro monsters so ignore them) and here are the cards.

Synchro (still in progress)

Junk warrior x3

Hyper psychic blaster


Goblin attack force

Junk synchron x3

Marauding captain

Spear cretin

Sonic chick

Dark tinker

X-Saber Airbellum

Gogiga Gagagigo

Powered tuner

Magna drago

Armoured axon kicker

X-Saber galahad

Ghost guardna

Turbo booster

Krebons x2

Psychic jumper

Speed warrior

Quillbolt hedgehog

Saber beetle

Telekinetic shocker

Jutte fighter

Trap eater



Emergency provisions

Synchro boost

Tribute to the doomed

Junk barrage

Rush recklessly

Burden of the mighty

Brain research lab


Battle teleportation

Scrap-iron scarecrow

Urgent tuning

Graceful revival x2

Widespread ruin

Trap stun


Magic drain

Dust tornado

Defense draw

Revival gift

Raigeki break

PLEASE tell me to add less monster cards

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