monsters x19

dark horus x1

krebons x3

sinister sprocket x1

darknight parshath x1

dark grepher x1

dark nephthys x2

mist valley soldier x1

summoner monk x1

the dark creator x2

armageddon knight x3

jinzo x1

gorz x1

necro gardna x1

spells x 15

mind control x1

monster reborn x1

lighting vortex x1

reinforcement x1

monster reincartion x2

to the doomed x1

shield crush x1

painful choice x1

D.D.R x1

per burial x1

B.D.D x1

dark hole x1

teleport x1

allure of darkness x1

traps x

sakuretsu armor


trap stun

life barrier

negate attack

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