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Merry Christmas everybody!  Even though I do not celebrate, I know many of you do.  So, I'd like to give you all some sort of present today.  This being a Yugioh Deck website, the only fitting gift has to include decks.  Therefore, today marks the beginning of the forum overhaul.  Since I opened this wiki, people have left me countless messages on my talk page.  That is fine, however I would like this wiki to help everyone at once.  So whenever somebody leaves me a talk page message from now on, I will post there question and my answer on the forum.  That way, anybody can see it.  Also, I will add a Deck Showcase Forum.  Anyone can view it, but only I can edit it.  Once a week, I will post a new section showing a great new deck posted that week.  Thanks!  And again, Merry Christmas!

-TehPurpleOne's User Page (Talk to Me) Or Read my Blog 16:58, December 25, 2009 (UTC)


Trading is to be conducted through User Talk pages and the Trading Regulations Found on the Trading Forum.  Names of dishonest traders are to be posted here.  Names of all traders are to be posted here.

  Please see the Trading forum at Forum:Trading for more information.  -TehPurpleOne's User Page (Talk to Me) Or Read my Blog 03:16, December 16, 2009 (UTC)

hello deck is consist of different attributes and types.but when used in battle,may create a great balance of this cards.including the "lightning punisher"(level 7)which has no sacrifice but when used with "linear cannon"and with "call of the haunted",it may be summoned from the of them is the "destiny hero"cards.with "dark city"their attack increases when they fight off a monster which is stronger than them by 1000 points.the others are the fire monsters.which when destroyed,i can play"backfire"which inflicts the opponent's lifepoints by 500 when a fire monster was destroyed as a result of battle.and my strongest card is"ultimate tyranno",which has an earth attribute and attack of 3000 and a defense of 2200 Edit


It has come to my attention that many users have posted their deck lists on this Wiki in its first three days of existance. First, I would like to thank those users. Their contributions to My Yugioh Deck Wiki are appreciated. However, I would like to make a format for deck lists. First, any deck lists should be in template:decklist format. This makes them easy to view and easy to navigate.

Next, I would like to recommend that all users make a record box for their decks. In this box, you will include the users you duel in the #yu-gi-oh-duels IRC channel, and whether you won or lost. The record template can be made by making a table with two rows and 10 columns. On the left, put your opponent's name. On the right, put whether you won or lost. After 10 duels have completed, make a new table with 25 columns, and copy your duels from the last table into the new one. After 25 duels, make 50. After 50 duels with a record of 25 wins-24 losses- 1 tie or better, leave a message on User talk:ThePurps telling me that you have completed the duel table.

--ThePurps 20:59, 27 August 2009 (UTC)http://


  • Netdecking is the act of building a deck just because it is either popular, or because it has been used by someone that has finished rather high in a large scale tournament. On this Wikia, Netdecking is unsupported, but will not be stopped. We encourage all users to build decks of their own, whether they are powerful or not. Originality is what we aim for, playing for the fun and love of the game. Ok, well maybe not love so much, but you get the point. Please use Yu-Gi-Oh!-Wikia in conjunction with our Wikia, as a means to build your deck and test it. Thanks, Messengerofthedark 06:56, 27 August 2009 (UTC)

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