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Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon 1

Hi, I've put together a Photon deck which I would like to use as my main bludgeoning deck (my other deck is a Harpie/Blackwing deck that I love purely for fun). I'd really like to know what people think of what I've got so far.

Edit: Please only post constructive criticism. I am Australian and Duelist Pack: Kite has not been released here. If you're going to post abuse I will assume you are a troll and act accordingly.

Monsters Spells Traps

Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon x 3

Guardian of Order

Vanity's Ruler

Photon Leo

Photon Thrasher x 2

Photon Crusher x 2

Alexandrite Dragon

ZW - Unicorn Spear

Kaiser Sea Horse

Daybreaker x 3


Photon Sabre Tiger x 3

Photon Cerberus

Photon Lizard

Extra Deck

Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon x 2

Number 39: Utopia

Number C39: Utopia Ray

Number 10: Illumiknight

Number 91: Thunder Spark Dragon

Twin Photon Lizard x 2

Photon Papilloperative x 2

Heroic Champion - Excalibur

Number 20: Giga-Brilliant

Galaxy Queen's Light

Heavy Storm

Luminous Spark x 2

Monster Reborn

Photon Lead x 2

Photon Sanctuary

Photon Trident

Photon Veil

Polymerization x 2

Call of the Haunted x 2

Gozen Match

Lumenize x 2

Mirror Force

Photon Current

Solemn Judgment

Xyz Reborn

Zero Force

The only thing I can think of that I'm missing is draw power, but I'm not sure what to add/replace as far as that goes. So, what's everyone's thoughts?

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