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My Gemini deck is my main deck. The deck itself is in great shape. It works really well. I want to put it up to see any suggestions. I want to go to tournaments but I want peoples opinions on the deck


Monster (Attack order)

  • Gemini Soldier x2
  • Morphing Jar x1
  • Flamvell Magician x1
  • Woodland Archer x2
  • Blazewing Butterfly x2
  • Tune Warrior x1
  • Mist Valley Soldier x1
  • Dark Valkyria x2
  • Crusader Of Endymion x2
  • Evocater Chevalier x2
  • The Tricky x1
  • Knight Of The Red Lotus x2
  • Chithonian Emperor Dragon x1

Synchro Monsters

  • Black BrutDrago x1
  • Stardust Dragon x1
  • Ancient Fairy Dragon x1
  • Colossal Fighter x1
  • Gaia Knight, The Force Of Earth


  • Giant Trunade x1
  • Swords Of Revealing Light x1
  • Hidden Armory x1
  • Lightning Vortex x1
  • Heavy Storm x1
  • Herculean Power x2
  • Supervise x2
  • Gemini Spark x3


  • Bottomless Trap Hole x1
  • Call Of The Haunted x1
  • Mirror Force x1
  • Ultimate Offering x1
  • Soul Resurrection x1
  • Birthright x1
  • Dimension Prision x2


Alright there it is. My Gemini deck which works good in my eyes. If anyone has any advice or comments, just let me know.have 3 dark valkyrias


Hello, I think that you should have x3 Tuned Magicians, take out the tune warrior, flamvell magician, and have one evocator, since it's a beatstick. Also, you should replace the tricky with another crusader. for synchros, you should add a lot more, if possible. for spells, x3 supervise, 1 h power, add mst, take out g trunade. other than that the rest looks good

Reply to adviceEdit

Well the only reason that I don't use three tuned magician is the fact that he only is a tuner when double summoned. I used to use one but It is truthfully a lot easier to just have some easy LV 4 tuners that have no drawbacks. Tune warrior is nice also because most gemini are level 4 which means a level three tuner allows the summon of ancient fairy dragon (which helps with double summoning) The Tricky is also a recent addition, I like the summon speed. It helps with swarming, and him and tuned warrior make a LV 8 synchro. Evocater is only nice when it comes to supervise, so I don't mind taking him out, but I need to find a good replacement. The only reason I don't want another crusader is because his effect is only good with dark valkeria...without her he really isn't that special. I know I should get more synchros. I am only working with what I have, if you have any synchros in particular that you think would help the deck go ahead and list them. I could try to find room for another supervise, Any sugestions on what to take out for it? I would like to keep it a 40 card deck, but if I can't I'll try to keep it under 50.

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