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1 Rai-Jin

1 Turbo Booster

1 Getsu Fuhma

1 Dimensional Alchemist

1 Wingweaver

1 Dupe Frog

1 Hecatrice

1 Soul of Purity and Light

1 Hoshiningen

1 Barrier Statue of the Heavens

1 Athena

1 Senju of the Thousand Hands

1 Cloudian-Sheep Cloud

3 Cloudian-Nimbusman

3 Cloudian-Storm Dragon

3 Arcana Force 0-The Fool

1 Arcana Force I-The Magician

1 Arcana Force III-The Empress

2 Arcana Force IV-The Emperor

1 Arcana Force VI-The Lovers

1 Arcana Force VII-The Chariot

1 Arcana Force XIV-The Temperance

1 Arcana Force XVIII-The Moon


1 Fissure

1 Heavy Storm

1 Gift of the Martyr

1 Dian Keto the Cure Master

1 Second Coin Toss

1 Summon Cloud

1 Dark World Grimore

1 Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen

1 Spell Chronicle

1 Vicious Claw

2 Luminous Spark


1 Solar Ray

1 Raging Cloudian

1 Reversal of Fate

1 Rain Storm

1 Robbin' Goblin

1 DNA Surgery

1 Spacegate

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