Note: This deck is for the use starting Sep. 1 2010


  • Ultimate Tyranno
  • Hyper Hammerhead
  • Dark Driceratops
  • Black Stego (x2)
  • Super-Ancient Dinobeast (x2)
  • Sauropod Brachion
  • Jurrac Tyrannus
  • destroyersaurus (x2)
  • gilasaurus (x3)
  • Jurrac Protops (x2)
  • Jurrac Monoloph
  • Jurrac Velo
  • Frostosaurus (x2)


  • Monster Reborn
  • Fighting Spirit
  • Fossil Dig
  • The Shallow Grave
  • Swords of Revealing Light
  • Tail Swipe
  • Cold Wave
  • Soul Exchange (x2)
  • Big Evolution Pill (x2)
  • Jurrasic World (x3)
  • Dark Hole
  • M.S.T (Mystical Space Typhoon)


  • Hunting Instinct (x2)
  • Imperial Iron Wall
  • Fossil Excavation
  • Rivalry of Warlord
  • Call of the Haunted

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