My deck is too big but I am no longer sure what to take out/replace. Any advise would be appreciated and just because I want to lessen my deck doesn't mean I am against adding some. Please I need help

Take out the chaos emp. It is banned and can somtimes be a dead draw. :)

Archfiend Soldier

Blue Eyes White Dragon

Chainsaw Insect

Chaos Emperor Dragon Envoy of the End

Cyber Jar

Dark Driceratops

DD Warrior Lady

Dummy Golem

Exarion Universe

Exiled Force

Great Maju Garzett

Mystical Elf

Night Assailant

Soul Tiger

Summoned Skull

Super conductor Tyranno

Vampire Lord

Vorse Raider

Witch of the Black Forest

X Head Cannon


Amulet of Ambition

Big Bang Shot

Change of Heart

Dark Core

Ekibyo Drakmord

Graceful Charity

LIghtning Vortex

Mage Power

Monster Reborn

Monster Reincarnation

Nobleman of Crossout

Poison of the Old Man

Pot of Greed

Premature Burial



Snatch Steal

Soul Exchange

Swords of Revealing Light


Call of the Haunted

Damage Condenser

Draining Sheild

Fairy Box

Hallowed Life Barrier

Magical Arm Shield

Magic Cylinder


Ordeal of a Traveler

Royal Decree

Sakuretsu Armor

Shadow Spell

Trap Hole

Trap Jammer

Ultimate Offering


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