This deck has helped me alot When it comes to special summons.The main cards of this deck are Armageddon Knight and Owner's Seal.Here's the Deck List:


3x Krebons

2x Destiny hero Malicious

1xDestiny hero Fear Monger

1xBreaker the magical warrior

1x Dark Horus

1x Maiden of Macabre

1xDestiny hero Doom Lord

1xDestiny hero diamond dude

2xJunk synchron

2xArmageddon knight


1xMystic Tomato

1xThe Calculator


1xSinister Sprocket



1xDark Creator

1xE-hero stratos

1xPlages. zombie


1x enemy controller

1x lightning vortex

1xfoolish burial

2xdestiny draw

1xreinforcement of the army

1x heavy storm

1xowners seal

1xmystical space typhoon


1xbottomless trap hole


1xtorrential tribute

1xmirror force

1xdefense draw

2xphoenix wingwind blast

1xdestiny signal

1xsakuretsu armor

etxtra deck:

1x red dragon archfiend

1x junk destroyer

1xjunk warrior

any other that you think is useable on this deck

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