Counter Fairy Deck

Monsters Cards:

Meltiel, Sage of the Sky x2

Harvest Angel of Wisdom x2

Bountiful Artemis x2

Honest x2

Gellenduo x2

Marshmallon x1

Nova Summoner x2

Layard the Liberator x2

Herald of the Sky , Zeradias

Soul of Purity and Light x2

Airknight Parshath x1

Neo Parshath , Sky Paladin x1

Voltanis , The Adjudicator x2

Magic Cards:

The Sanctuary in the Sky x3

The Fountain in the Sky x1

Heavy Story x1

Trap Cards:

Negate Attack x3

Forced Back x3

Dark Bribe x3

Divine Wrath x2

Black Horn of Heaven x2

Solemn Judgment x1

Judgment of Anubis x1

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