Monarch control deck.

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shiny black c

caius the shadow monarch X2

raiza the storm monarch X2

mobius the frost monarchX2

thestlos the firestorm monarchX2

light and darkness dragon


cyber dragonX2



copy plant

card trooper

spirit reaper

treeborn frogX2

plaguespreader zombie


soul exchangeX3

mind controlX3

brain control

smashing groundX2

enemy controllerX3

creature swapX2


bottomless trap holeX3

dimensional prisonX2

torrential tribute

solemn judgement

mirror force

call of the haunted

magic cylinder

Extra Deck:15

stardust dragon

black rose dragon

ally of justice castatorX3

goyo guardian

iron chain dragonX3

brionac dragon of the ice barrier

mist wurmX3

flamevell uruquizasX2

Side Deck:15

kycoo the ghost destroyer

light-imprisoning mirror

mirror of oaths

skill drain

bottomless trap hole

royal oppression

book of moonX2

summon limit

lightning vortexX2


dimensional fissureX2

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