Monsters Spells Traps

Normal Monsters

  • Blue-Eyes White Dragon (x2)
  • Red-Eyes B. Dragon (x2)

Effect Monsters

  • Malefic Cyber End Dragon
  • Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon
  • Malefic Blue-Eyes White Dragon (x2)
  • Malefic Red-Eyes B. Dragon (x2)
  • Lord of D. (x2)
  • Masked Dragon (x2)
  • Malefic Parallel Gear (xx2)
  • Red-Eyes B. Chick (x2)

Ritual Monsters

  • Paladin of White Dragon (x2)

Fusion Monsters

  • Cyber End Dragon (x2)

Synchro Monsters

  • Malefic Paradox Dragon
  • Dragon's Gunfire
  • Dragon's Treasure
  • Malefic World (x3)
  • Mountain (x3)
  • Stamping Destruction
  • Super Rejuvination
  • White Dragon Ritual (x2)
  • A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon
  • Burst Breath
  • Deck Devastation Virus
  • The Dragon's Bead
  • Dragon's Rage
  • D. Tribe
  • Malefic Claw Stream (x2)

Deck by Zombiedude347

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