Magical Merchant Turbo is a decktype oriented around getting the cards you need into your hand quickly through combining the effects of "Magical Merchant" and "Pot of Avarice". Also of use are cards that are more powerful when you have many cards in your Graveyard, such as "Shadow Ghoul" or "Chaos Necromancer", and cards that allow Flip Effects to be reused, such as "Book of Moon". The goal is to be able to pick and choose the Monster cards that are in your Deck so you have a better chance of drawing them, so a Merchant Turbo deck should have a higher Monster-to-Spell/Trap proportion than normal.

Merchant Turbo is less of an overall deck theme and more of a structure around which to base your deck on; a number of different strategies work. You can use the Deck to get Monarchs or Dark Armed Dragon easily or use a lot of Normal Monsters which allows for a wider variety of cards that interact with the Graveyard (such as "Dark Factory of Mass Production" and "Birthright"). With the current Advanced Format putting both "Magical Merchant" and "Pot of Avarice" at Unlimited, you can be creative with the deck build.

Recommended cardsEdit

Monster CardsEdit

Spell CardsEdit

Trap CardsEdit

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