This is a deck that i got from a youtube user named Mr. Vinceno he is very relible and i recommend him to anyone.

Now then, this deck is a hard hit,straight forward, invincible set. With its main card Machina Fortress as its core, and the chimeratech dragon as its late game push, it is very competitive and lands high in any local tourny. It also has gearframe and peacekeeper as searchers, and M. force as the tribute for Fortress, since fortress can be tributed for its self sumoning it is all the easier.


M. Gearframe x3

M.Peacekeeper x2

M.Fortress x3

M. Force x2

Scrap Recyceler x2

Yellow, Red,and Green Gadget x2

Cyber Dragon x2

Chimeratech Overdragon

Magic Cards: Trap Cards:

Limiter Removal Bottemless Trap Hole x 2

Solidarity x3 Dimensional Prison x 2

Smashing Ground x3 Dust Storm

Fissure x2

Future Fusion


Heavy Storm

Brain Control

Pot of Avaris

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