dragunity phalanx x3

dragunity aklys x3

dragunity legionairre x3

card trooper x1

dragunity dux x3

cyber dragon x2

gorz the emissary of darkness x1

dragunity arma leyvaten x3

light and darkness dragon x2


gold sarcophagus x2

cards of consonance x2

smashing ground x1

trade-in x1

foolish burial x1

dark hole x1

dragon ravine x2

mystical space typhoon x1


bottomless trap hole x2

dimensional prison x2

mirror force x1

torrential tribute x1

dark bribe x2

call of the haunted x1

solemn judgment x1


ally of justice catastor x1

magical android x1

iron chain dragon x1

flamvell uruquizas x1

brionac, the dragon of the ice barrier x1

black rose dragon x1

lightning warrior x2

stardust dragon x2

ally of justice light gazer x1

mist wurm x1

trident dragion x1


It's a dragunity deck that uses a loop with dragunity arma leyvaten to create an invincible monster, then synchro swarms a bunch and attacks for game.

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