The Jurrac-Toolbox is my own way of working with dinos overall to counter about every different strategy. Please feel free to leave any comments.

Main Deck: 60 Cards

Extra Deck: 4 Cards

Side Deck: 15 Cards

Main Deck:Edit

Monsters: 32

Spells: 14

Traps: 14


Jurrac Titano

Jurrac Spinos

Jurrac Tyrannus

Jurrac Herra

3x Jurrac Guaiba

2x Jurrac Protops

Jurrac Iguanon

Jurrac Velo

Jurrac Dino

2x Jurrac Monoloph

Jurrac Gallim

2x Jurrac Brachis

Jurrac Ptera

3x Jurrac Stauriko

Jurrac Aeolo

Dark Driceratops

Sauropod Brachion


Element Saurus

2x Gilasaurus

2x Black Stego


Tyranno Infinity

Spells: Edit

2x Fossil Dig

2x Jurassic World

Savage Colosseum

Monster Reborn

Lightning Vortex

Field Barrier



Pot of Avarice

Big Evolution Pill

Mystical Space Typhoon



2x Draining Shield

Magic Cylinder

Mirror Force

Scrap-Iron Scarecrow

Defenders intersect

Negate Attack

Bottomless Trap Hole

Shadow Spell

Dimensional Prison

Urgent Tuning

Survival Instinct

Volcanic Eruption

Disturbance Strategy

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