Hi Wikia.

This deck is good for people who like a strategy with no sacrifice or discard. Have not dueled with in long time.

Normal Monsters

Aqua Madoor

Giant Soldier of Stone x 2

Neo the Magic Swordsman


Harpie's Brother

Sea Serpent Warrior of Darkness x 2

Insect Knight

Luster Dragon x 2

Summoned Skull

Dark Magician (I know, this is a bad choice, but like many of the anime watchers, I like this card, and this was the first level 7 or higher card I ever had)

Effect Monster

A Man with Wdjat

Twin-Headed Behemoth

The Stern Mystic

Witch of the Black Forest (forbidden in tournament play, want to find a similar card)

Wall of Illusion

Trap Master

Man-Eater Bug x 2

Magic/Spell Cards

Change of Heart (forbidden, need replacement)

Dark Hole (forbidden, need replacement)


Heavy Storm

Monster Reborn

Mystical Space Typhoon x 2 (limited, need a replacement)

Pot of Greed (forbidden, need a replacement)

Red Medicine

Reload x 2

Snatch Steal (forbidden, need a replacement)


Sword of Dark Destruction

Sword of Deep-Seated

Yami (bad choice for field spell since deck is not single type)

Trap Cards

Castle Walls

Magic Jammer

Negate Attack

Robbin' Goblin

Trap Hole x 2


Again, please help me improve this deck. Thanks

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