One, if not the biggest "Beat Sticks" in the game, has now been underminded by the franchise. This card is one of only two cards that had once been forbidden, but are currently unlimited. The main cause of this is the lack of supporting and/or similar Pay Life Points Per Effect Archtype cards available.

Injection Fairy Lily

Recommended Main Deck CardsEdit

Staple Monster CardsEdit

  • x1 Cyber Jar
  • x1 Fiber Jar
  • x3 Injection Fairy Lily
  • x1 Prime Material Dragon
  • x1 Sangan
  • x1 Witch of the Black Forest

Staple Spell CardsEdit

  • x1 Emergency Provisions
  • x1 Mage Power
  • x1 Mesenger of Peace
  • x2 Mist Body
  • x1 Spell Absorbtion
  • x1 United We Stand

Staple Trap CardsEdit

  • x1 Astral Barrier
  • x3 Draining Shield
  • x2 Fairy Box
  • x1 Gravity Bind
  • x1 Last Will
  • x2 Life Absorbing Machine
  • x1 Limit Reverse
  • x3 Metalmorph
  • x1 Solemn Wishes
  • x1 Wall of Revealing Light
  • x1 Spirit Barrier

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