this deck is made by supernerdhanko, please tell me what you edited. thanks:)

monsters X20

3 inf. archfiend

3 inf. beetle

3 inf. necromancer

1 stygian street patrol

1 plauges

1 summoner monk

2 dark grepher

2 inf. mirage

1 sangan

1 tricky

1 card trooper/1 tricky means to have 2 trickys

1 dark arm dragon

2 inf. avenger

spells x 12

1 0 max

1 allure

1 card destruction

1 reasoning

1 hand destruction/1 lighting vortex

2 dark core

2 smashing


1 heavy storm

1 inferninty launcher


3 infernity barrier

2 inf. force

1 inf. inferno

1 solemn

1 mirror/1 demensional prision

1 phamtom hand

Do not take advice from the guy. This deck is bad. Not infernities, just this decklist. Infernities are amazing.

i'll do the extra deck later...

extra deckx13

2 stardust dragon

3 hundred eyes dragon

2 inf. doom dragon

2 black rose dragon

1 inron chain dragon

1 void ogre dragon

2 leviar the sea dragon

1 number 17: leviathan dragon

Won't need morphling jar

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