Monsters Edit

-The Tricky x2

-Cyber Dragon

-Apocatequil x3

-Fire Ant Ascator x3

-Supay x3

-Oracle Of The Sun x2

-Level Eater

-Power Invader

-Giant Rat


-Earthbound Immortals Aslla Piscu


-Instant Fusion x3

-Lighting Vortex

-Double Summon

-Heavy Storm

-Mystical Space Typhoon

-Ancient Forest


-Call Of The Reaper x2

-Limit Reverse

-Sakuretsu Armor x2

-Magic Cylinder

-Draining Shield

-Imperial Iron Wall

-Destruct potion

-Wall of Revealing Light

-Offering to The Immortals

-Torrential Tribute

Side DeckEdit

-Sun Dragon Inti x3

-Moon Dragon Quilla x3

-Stardust Dragon

-Ojama Knight x2 (for instant fusion)

-Ancient Fairy Dragon

-Black Rose Dragon

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