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Harpie s by Lizzard kage

"Harpie's" by Lizzard-kage @ DeviantArt

Many think that Harpie Lady decks are weak and slow. This is true in cases where you do not take the time to research and build your deck properly. When used correctly, a deck such as this can be devastating. This deck includes rapid summon, spell and trap removal, and harpie support. The deck is well-balanced and a few well-played cards can easily shift the duel into your favor.

Play StyleEdit

Harpies combine the ability to be rapidly summoned, to destroy the opponent's Spell and Trap Cards, to increase each others attack points and abilities, and to work together to protect each other. They do not have the ability to destroy spell and trap cards innately, but the Field Spell Card Harpies' Hunting Ground allows the controller of the summoned Harpie to destroy one Spell or Trap Card when a Harpie Lady, Harpie Lady 1, Harpie Lady 2, Harpie Lady 3, Cyber Harpie Lady, Harpie Queen, Harpie Channeler, Harpie Dancer, and/or Harpie Lady Sisters are Summoned in any way. They are one of the very few cards that can be Summoned en masse' from the Graveyard. Their support cards, Harpie's Pet Baby Dragon and Harpie's Pet Dragon, rapidly gain in power and usefulness through effects including protecting other Harpie cards and card destruction as the Harpies swarm the field. Properly played, Harpies can overwhelm the opponent in moments with high attack power and powerful effects, but they are individually not too strong, so they are vulnerable to opponents who Summon strong single Monsters early to whittle down the number of Harpies on the field.

With the introduction of the new Harpies in Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy , Harpies gain a considerable boost in speed and consistency. One card in particular is Hysteric Sign, which is a Continuous Spell Card that searches the deck for 1 Elegant Egotist and adds it to your hand. It can then be bounced back by Mist Valley Falcon (Level 4 WIND Winged-Beast, great synergy with the rest of the Harpies and Icarus Attack ) and later discarded for Summoner Monk, who can summon just about any Harpie for instant Rank 4 Xyz. During the End Phase, it fetches 3 different Harpie cards from the deck, maintaining hand size. Harpie Channeler has a similar effect to Summoner Monk, albeit Harpie-specific and requires a Harpie to be discarded instead, further boosting the consistency of the deck. Their own Xyz monster, Harpie's Pet Phantasmal Dragon can also be easily summoned by using monsters from Hysteric Party for material, with pretty decent power and effect.

Harpie Deck (Recommended Cards)

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