deck list

3x morphotronic celfon

1x quickdraw synchron

1x morphotronic cameran

1x morphotronic slingen

3x morphotronic scopen

3x morphotronic radion

2x morphotronic boarden

2x morphotronic boomboxen

1x morphotronic remoten

1x morphotronic videon

1x morphotronic magnen or morphotronic clocken i recomend

1x obelisk the tormentor

1x morphotronic accelerator

1x terraforming

1x one for one

1x morphotronic map

1x brain control

1x megamorph

1x lighting vortex

1x axe of despair

1x mandatory evacuation apparatus

1x scrap-iron scarecrow

1x mage power

1x morphotronic bind

1x no entry

1x machine duplication

2x double tool C e D

1x double summon

1x call of the haunted

1x torrential tribute

1x limiter removal


1x stardust dragon

1x ancient fary dragon

1x power tool dragon

1x colossal fighter

1x road warrior

1x turbo warrior

1x nitro warrior

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