== Gadget Monarchs==

The Point of this deck is to summon gadgets and keep the hand filled with gadgets to keep tributing for Monarchs using ultimate offering for multiple summons.Edit

Monsters: Edit

Special Summons

2x Machina Fortress

2x Quickdraw Synchron

Cyber Dragon


1 TributeEdit

3x Cauis the Shadow MonarchEdit
2x Raiza the storm MonarchEdit
1x Prime Material DragonEdit


2x Red gadgetEdit
2x Green GadgetEdit
2x Yellow GadgetEdit

Other MonstersEdit

2x Level EaterEdit
2x Scrap recyclerEdit
1x KrebonsEdit
1x Cyber valleyEdit


Smashing GroundEdit
Brain ControlEdit
Foolish BurialEdit
Overload FusionEdit
Limiter removalEdit


2x Bottomless Trap Hole

1x Dark Bribe

1x Starlight Road

2x reckless Greed

1x Stronghold the moving fortress

3x Ultimate offering

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