First, I going to say sorry for the title typing mistake. Secondly, This the first time in the world that I'm gotta tell what s'in my fusion deck. Why this deck? Easy. First, you can special summon a tough monster in only 1 turn. Two, it's special summon so you can get advantage of summoning lots of monsters in a turn. Last, it's what you can commonly found in structure decks. This is the all-in-1 all stars deck that include deck of Muto yugi, Kaiba, Joey's with some ritual summon.

Main Combos:
-Black paladin:black magician, buster blader, fusion

-Dragon master knight:Blue eyes x3, fusion x2, king o swamp

-Black demon dragon: red eyes, summoned skull, fusion

-Alkadanight joker: king's kinght, queen's knight, double summon OR call of haunt, fusion gate, jack's knight

- Ufroid warrior: ufo roid, double summon, the light hex sealed fusion(sub that joker to have 5000 points attack), any card that can call monster from grave without tribute monster.

Sub combos:

-Six samurai: all six of them, scrap iron scare crow, sword of revealing light

-marshmallon combo:marchmallon, its eyeglass

-attack guard combo: dian keto the cure master, wall of revealing light, emergency provision

Ritual summon

-Magician of black chaos, black magic ritual

-Black luster soldier, black luster ritual

-Reshef the dark being, final ritual of anciants


N ground mole

Voise raider

Goblin black ops

Cloudian poison cloud

Luster dragon

Luster dragon 2

Gilford the lightning


Neo aqua madoor




Lightning vortex

Mystic space typhoon

Heavy Storm


Rising Energy

Dust tornado

Magic cylinder

Mirror force


Side deck:

Black paladin

That uf roid warrior

Ultimate dragon

Dragonmaster knight

Black demon dragon

Last but not least:

God cards

If anyone waht to use this deck is fine, change it a bit and make your own is fine. This deck do exsist.

P.S.:if I do any spelling mstake or anything that you think it's not right, I'm truly sorry for it.

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