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This deck as the name says is all about summoning Fusion monsters through Synchro monsters (This is not a real deck, just an idea). It can also be combined with Warrior Synchro decks.



  • Marauding Captain x3
  • Field-Commander Rahz x3
  • Sword Master x3
  • The Immortal Bushi x3
  • Warrior Lady of the Wasteland x3
  • XX-Saber Fulhelmknight x2
  • Plaguespreader Zombie x1
  • Rose, Warrior of Revenge x1
  • Airknight Parshath x1
  • Armageddon Knight x1


  • Reinforcement of the Army x3
  • Heavy Storm x1
  • Lightning Vortex x1
  • The Warrior Returning Alive x2
  • Gold Sarcophagus x2
  • Super Polimerization x3
  • Miracle Synchro Fusion x3


  • Reckless Greed x3
  • Call of the Haunted x1
  • Wicked Rebirth x2
  • Legacy of Yata-Garasu x1

Extra Deck:

  • Goyo Guardian x1
  • Scrap Archfiend x1
  • Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth x2
  • Iron Chain Dragon x1
  • Naturia Leodrake x1
  • Dragon Knight Draco-Equeste x2
  • Gaia Drake, Knight of Earth and Sky x2
  • Black Rose Dragon x1
  • Stardust Dragon x2
  • Colossal Fighter x1

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